Ashwin Will Not Be Back…

The somewhat controversial Ashwin Willemse will not return to his job as a rugby analyst on SuperSport.

On Tuesday SuperSport confirmed that Willemse’s contract had expired and has not been renewed.

It is almost four months since Willemse walked off the set during a live broadcast, accusing Nick Mallett and Naas Botha of undermining his credibility. His action triggered a diversity of polarising reactions, with various parties promptly accusing Mallett and Botha of racism, while others denigrated Willemse’s knowledge of the game and even suggested that he was “not much” as a player. (This was to be expected in a country where so many are obsessed with race and racial issues.)

SuperSport had to deal with the issue, and did so by commissioning an independent investigation into the incident, chaired by senior advocate Vincent Maleka.

Although offered the opportunity, Willemse twice failed to present his testimony during the investigation into the incident.

Advocate Maleka’s report  found that there was no underlying racism that led to the incident, clearing the way for Mallett and Botha to resume their studio duties.

Willemse stated that he was taking SuperSport to the Equality Court because of the “issue” but nothing further has been heard of this action.

“Ashwin Willemse’s contract with SuperSport has expired and he will not be back on air,” read SuperSport’s statement. “We have not heard from the Equality Court. We are in communication with the SA Human Rights Commission. We referred Advocate Maleka SC’s report to the Commission, in accordance with one of his recommendations following his independent review of the matter.”