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Schadenfreude   (Schadenfreude: the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.) The sports loving world is indulging in an orgy of Schadenfreude at the moment. The Australian cricket team have...

Professional Rugby As A Career

Back in the era of amateur rugby academic institutions, the military, the police, and the mining industry were the primary routes for promising young rugby players making their way onto the playing fields of the world.

RWC 2019 Stuff: Of Conspiracies, Refs, Laws, Race & Whingers,

Rugby World Cup Stuff Of Conspiracies, Refs, Laws, Race & Whingers,  I am not quite sure where to start with this week’s comments about...

SANZAAR Restructuring

Finally, SANZAAR have confirmed what has been something of an open secret for some weeks. South Africa will lose two Super Franchises, and Australia will lose one.

The Olympics 2014 Some Afterthoughts

Seventeen consecutive days of Olympic Games have passed, finally, into history. Athletes have returned home to their adoring fans and huge numbers of opportunistic politicians jumping aboard the Olympic Express to gain some reflected glory from the successes of the athletes.

Wallaby Legend in Trouble

Wallaby Legend in Trouble Wallabies legend George Smith has been arrested in Japan for refusing to pay a taxi bill and then allegedly physically assaulting the driver. Smith is currently playing his club rugby for Tokyo-based Suntory Sungoliath who confirmed the...

Dylan Hartley’s Stamping On Vermeulen

My Dad and I had our usual post-test postmortem discussion yesterday evening. He brought up an interesting point...

How much is too much?

have often wondered about the current trend or system of referees constantly chatting to the players during a game of rugby. Watching the video of Dylan Hartley being red carded in the Premiership final for verbal abuse of the ref brought it back to the front burner in my somewhat cluttered mind.

RIP Lourens Oberholzer

Lourens Oberholzer We bid farewell to Lourens Oberholzer, former SA Schools (1982), Western Transvaal, and Transvaal player who passed away at the age of 54, in Dubai.

How Sustainable Is The Player Drain?

Not a week goes by without reports of South African, Australian and New Zealand rugby players accepting huge offers in Yen, Euros, or Pounds Sterling to head up to the northern hemisphere to play rugby.

Gary Gold Coaches US Eagles

Gary Gold has replaced John Mitchell as Head Coach of the United States men’s national team. Worcester Warriors announced the release of Gary Gold from his role as Director of Rugby at the club, freeing him to move to the USA.

Oh Captain, My Captain

Jean de Villiers has quit the Springbok Rugby World Cup squad after breaking his jaw in the game against Samoa. He has also announced his immediate retirement from international rugby...

New User Registration

New User Registration Due to the excessive number of fake new user registrations we are experiencing we have been forced to close New User Registration facilities indefinitely. We have averaged...

Light at The End of The Tunnel?

Light at The End of The Tunnel? Super Rugby might, just might, survive SANZAAR’s suicidal attempts to suffocate the competition to death, taking all of the southern hemisphere’s domestic rugby into the grave with it. I will not bore you with...

England’s South African Woes

England’s South African Woes As we head into the third Test between the Springboks and the visiting England team, we already know that the series has been won by South Africa, which gives the home side an opportunity to relax...


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