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What is Wrong in Australia?

What is Wrong in Australia? A series loss to England in 2016, followed by losses to Ireland and England again at the end of that year. Losing to Scotland twice and England once again in 2017. A series loss to...

Rugby At The Crossroads.

Rugby At The Crossroads. Back in 1986 Columbia Pictures released a movie, Crossroads, that was to become an iconic film of the age, celebrating blues music, while telling the tale of a legendary musician, Robert Johnson, who had sold his...

What do you want from rugby anyway?

Let me define “spectators”: They are the people who watch rugby, or any other sport or activity. Various dictionaries will define the meaning in slightly varying terms, but the essence remains the same.

New User Registration

New User Registration Due to the excessive number of fake new user registrations we are experiencing we have been forced to close New User Registration facilities indefinitely. We have averaged...

Why Are The All Blacks So Good?

The New Zealand Rugby team, known to one and all as the All Blacks, are the most successful sports team in history, across all sports. They have a better win ratio than Brazil in football or Australia in cricket.

Super Rugby 2017 Team of the Year

Now that the dust has settled on the last-ever 18-team Super Rugby campaign, it seems that every scribe, media hack, blogger, and scribbler in the game of rugby has to sit down and choose their Team of the Year.

Conrad does a Ronan. Conrad Smith Starts Coaching Job.

Conrad does a Ronan. Conrad Smith takes a coaching job. I am always interested in retired players that decide to put something back into the game. They stay in the world of rugby by continuing their involvement as coaches, managers, referees and...

Brumbies Focus on Defence

THE Brumbies have set themselves a goal of conceding under 20 points a game and becoming the best defensive unit in Super Rugby in 2018.

Duane Vermeulen Heading Home?

We read that Duane Vermeulen is heading back to South Africa which, if true, will certainly solve a number of problems at Springbok level. Both the problematic leadership issue and the lack of quality and experienced No 8’s would be addressed by his return to African shores.


I have been thinking about this subject for some time, and started to put my thoughts down on paper about three months ago. Here are those thoughts. Captaincy....

Bill’s Rugby Awards 2018

Bill’s Rugby Awards 2018 It is that time of the year again. The southern hemisphere shuts down for the summer. Those who can, head for the beaches, rivers, and swimming holes to beat the heat. Up north they are battening...

Gary Gold Coaches US Eagles

Gary Gold has replaced John Mitchell as Head Coach of the United States men’s national team. Worcester Warriors announced the release of Gary Gold from his role as Director of Rugby at the club, freeing him to move to the USA.

The Box-Kick Examined

The Box-Kick Examined The much-maligned box-kick is causing something of a stir amongst rugby fans around the world. That “stir” is especially evident amongst South African fans who...

P Divvy Is at It Again!

    P Divvy Is at It Again! I am getting a bit tired of ex-Springbok coach, Peter de Villiers, “Snorre” as some know him, I usually refer to him as PDivvy. He has become somewhat predictable............ Whilst I am given to understand...

A League of Nations?

A League of Nations? It seems that World Rugby are looking for a complete change to the current international calendar. This despite World Rugby CEO Brett Gosper being quoted as saying: “We’re looking at a number of different, potential models...


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