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Uncontested Scrums: The Law Clarified

  Uncontested Scrums: The Law Clarified The 2018 version of the Rugby Law Book might have been edited and simplified but. In truth, those simplifications are merely cosmetic and/or grammatical. The Laws might be easier to read, but that does not...

Rest In Peace James Small.

Rest In Peace James Small. James Small has passed away at the age of just 50 years. Small passed away on Wednesday morning, 10 July...


Schadenfreude   (Schadenfreude: the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.) The sports loving world is indulging in an orgy of Schadenfreude at the moment. The Australian cricket team have...

New Law – More Confusion?

New Law – More Confusion? I have often wondered whether it is a deliberate tactic of the various functionaries that sit on the plethora of committees and councils at World Rugby headquarters to make constant changes to the laws and...

The Assistant Referee Syndrome!

The Assistant Referee Syndrome! As the years have passed an ugly thing has crept into the game of rugby. I shall call it the “Assistant Referee Syndrome?” This ARS is a disease that infects many players, although scrumhalves and hookers appear...

Quo Vadis, Stormers?

Quo Vadis, Stormers? Coaching Blues…. As the middle of the Super Rugby season passes us, and the final stretches of the competition loom, another season kicks off. It is the season of speculation. Speculation about coaches and their coaching futures. When results are poor,...

Referees on Referees

The SA Rugby Referee's Society held it's annual Pat-Ourselves-On-The-Back Awards ceremony recently. Chairman of the SA Rugby Referees' Society, Steve Meintjes, made presentations to members who had achieved exceptionally.

In Search of Clarity

Rugby is a simple game. A team of 15 guys has only one major objective, to get hold of the ball, run with it as far as they can, passing it to and fro amongst team mates, until they have carried the ball over the goal line of their opponents.

How Low Can You Go?

How Low Can You Go? Last Saturday I watched rugby ethics sink to a new low. France’s replacement scrumhalf, Antoine Dupont, went down with what appeared to be a knee injury. He, without any assistance from anyone, started pointing at his...

Where Is Average Joe?

  Where is Average Joe? Thoughts About The Game Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing Where have all the flowers gone Long time ago Where have all the flowers gone Girls have picked them every one When will they every learn? When will they every learn? Pete...

More thoughts on Super Rugby March 2017

The SANZAAR have met. They booked into their luxury suites at their five-star hotel in London, had a really good dinner, slept well, had a super breakfast, great coffee, and then they toddled down to the conference rooms and took their places.

The Olympics 2014 Some Afterthoughts

Seventeen consecutive days of Olympic Games have passed, finally, into history. Athletes have returned home to their adoring fans and huge numbers of opportunistic politicians jumping aboard the Olympic Express to gain some reflected glory from the successes of the athletes.

Judicial Jokers

Judicial Jokers I have previously been strongly critical of Sanzaar’s judicial processes and the leniency of sanctions applied to those who transgress the rules and laws of the game of rugby. I have written about the issue on numerous occasions...

Karmichael Hunt in Trouble, Again…

Karmichael Hunt’s future in Australian rugby looks bleak if he is found guilty of drug possession in court later this month. Hunt is facing a second drug conviction if the charges are proven

Gary Gold Coaches US Eagles

Gary Gold has replaced John Mitchell as Head Coach of the United States men’s national team. Worcester Warriors announced the release of Gary Gold from his role as Director of Rugby at the club, freeing him to move to the USA.


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