New User Registration

Due to the excessive number of fake new user registrations we are experiencing we have been forced to close New User Registration facilities indefinitely.

We have averaged between 75 and 100 new user registrations per day since we reopened the Registration facility a week ago, most of which are obviously and often laughably fake or come from recognised anonymous throw-away e-mail servers.

The workload required to check each new registration on various spam and hacking protection websites is both time consuming and irritating. Once we have established their lack of bona fides we are then forced to go and delete them one by one.

Accordingly, in this modern word where we try to automate everything, we have decided to adopt a manual registration process that will prevent the fakers, spammers, and hackers from gaining access to the website and possibly gaining access to the details of our legitimate members.

If anyone wishes to register on the site please send me a message using the Contact facility available on this website. We will get back to you as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements for your registration.

Thanks you for your understanding