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Super Rugby 2017 Post Mortem Review : Week Eleven

The Hurricanes might have disposed of the Stormers by 41 to 22, scoring seven tries to the visitors’ solitary one, but it was not all the one-way traffic the score line suggests.

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 12

As we head into the quarterfinals of Super Rugby 2017 we edge closer to the end of a competition that had seen first class rugby in the southern hemisphere plummet to the depths of mediocrity in perhaps the best example of self-inflicted chaos in the history of sport.

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 11

World Rugby, driven by Augustin Pichot’s stated desire to even the playing fields between the rich north and the poor south, have taken an important step towards making it harder for the itinerant labourers of rugby switch allegiance.

Super Rugby 2017 Post Mortem : Week Nine

Eight converted tries from the Hurricanes ensured a comprehensive 56-21 win over the Brumbies in Napier on Friday. For a while it looked like the Brumbies might have learned something from the previous week’s loss to the Rebels.

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 10

Over in the United Kingdom they are still talking about the upcoming Lions’ tour. This week it is all about analyzing how and why the All Blacks lose games!

So SANZAAR…. At last…… It is all clear…. As mud!

So SANZAAR…. At last…… It is all clear…. As mud! Finally, SANZAAR have confirmed what has been something of an open secret for some weeks. South Africa will lose two Super Franchises, and Australia will lose one. A nice team...

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 9

The British and Irish Lions are heading over to New Zealand the week after the conclusion of their Premiership and Pro12 final. Their first game is the following Saturday against the Provincial Barbarians, a fairly easy warm-up game, one would think.

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 8

The British rugby media report that he is in the process of negotiating for the Cheetahs and the Kings to join the European based Pro12 league if and when they get kicked out of Super Rugby. The Pro12 runs from September to May every year.

Boring Rugby

Those that read my scribbling about the game of rugby will be aware of my ongoing concerns that our game has become increasingly boring as the legislators and referees have sought to sanitize the game, and also effectively neutralize any area of the game they deem dangerous.

More thoughts on Super Rugby March 2017

The SANZAAR have met. They booked into their luxury suites at their five-star hotel in London, had a really good dinner, slept well, had a super breakfast, great coffee, and then they toddled down to the conference rooms and took their places.

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 7

And the bunfight continues….The Force are taking the ARU to court to try and ensure their survival as a Super Rugby franchise. They have enlisted the support of the West Australian government in their bid to remain in the competition.

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 6

It has been a busy week, and I have not had enough time to develop the thought I had reserved for this week. I will hold it over till next week. So, the only topic I will share is the news that Stade Français wing

SANZAAR Structural Trouble March 2017

SANZAAR’s suit wearing bigwigs will be meeting in London on Friday, and it could be the most significant meeting in the history of the multinational competition. At the end of the 2016 season SANZAAR finally seemed to realise that their 18 team 4 conference Super Rugby competition was in serious trouble, even fatally flawed.

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 5

Remember this statement? "I managed to unite more people in this country. I don't want to bring Mandela in here, but I think I was the Mandela of rugby ... I brought hope to people, to motivate them and encourage them to learn."...

Super Rugby 2017 – Thoughts on Week 4

I usually refrain from commenting about rugby tournaments, competitions or games on which I have not done a bit of homework. I tend to think that there are many others with a better knowledge of that particular tournament or game...


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