Need a Reference, Allister?

So, SA Rugby President Mark Alexander says there are no hard feelings between SA Rugby and former Bok coach Allister Coetzee. He is adamant that SA Rugby and Allister have parted ways amicably, though some may wonder exactly how he defines “amicably” if we read that viperous e-mail letter that Allister sent to SA Rugby.

“No one at SA Rugby is antagonistic towards Allister. If any prospective employers contact us, we’ll give him a good reference,” Netwerk24 quotes Alexander as saying. “At SA Rugby, we never give negative feedback about former Springbok coaches.”

I guess you do not really need to give him any kind of reference, the results of his coaching endeavours speak for themselves.

Rumour has it that Coetzee accepted a settlement offer of R1,8 million to go away.



    • Hi Lance, Sorry about the delay in “approving” your post, it was an Admin detail that somehow slipped my mind.. this IT world sometimes boggles my mind.

      I think the performance clause might have some impact, but I am equally convinced there is a confidentiality clause of some sort, and that Allister’s letter breached that clause when it went public. Washing your dirty laundry in the open can be costly….