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World Cup 2015 under the Microscope

The news headlines have screamed the good news in the days since the end of the Rugby World Cup of 2015. There can be no doubt that Rugby World Cup 2015 was a huge success both on and off the field.

The Sunwolves. An Exercise in Futility?

The Sunwolves. An Exercise in Futility? What exactly are SANZAAR trying to achieve with the Sunwolves? We were told that SANZAAR wanted to promote and support the development of rugby in Japan. We were told that they wanted to gain a foothold...

Time to Pick The Boks

Time For The Pick-A-Bok Show To all intents and purposes, Super Rugby 2019 is done and dusted. Two South African teams soldiered on into the quarterfinal playoffs, while the other two had a...

French Fried Rugby

  French Fried Rugby I was looking at some very interesting statistics the other day. England have played 974 international games since 1872, they have won 553 of those games drawn 236, and lost 183. Oh, by the way, these are the stats...

Duane Vermeulen Heading Home?

We read that Duane Vermeulen is heading back to South Africa which, if true, will certainly solve a number of problems at Springbok level. Both the problematic leadership issue and the lack of quality and experienced No 8’s would be addressed by his return to African shores.

Bill’s Rugby Awards 2018

Bill’s Rugby Awards 2018 It is that time of the year again. The southern hemisphere shuts down for the summer. Those who can, head for the beaches, rivers, and swimming holes to beat the heat. Up north they are battening...

The 2019 Rugby World Cup

Almost is such a misleading word. It could mean “almost” as in: He almost knocked over his drink, but he caught it before it toppled over. It could mean “nearly” when he nearly knocked over his drink, but did not actually touch the glass so nothing happened.

Where to now for Super Rugby?

Where To Now Super Rugby? August 2014   The 2014 season is over, and it is time to take stock of Super Rugby and where this much-hyped competition is going.   I have come to the sad conclusion that the Super Rugby Series...

Super Rugby 2017 Team Of the Year

Now that the dust has settled on the last-ever 18-team Super Rugby campaign, it seems that every scribe, media hack, blogger, and scribbler in the game of rugby has to sit down and choose their Team of the Year.

Where Is Average Joe?

  Where is Average Joe? Thoughts About The Game Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing Where have all the flowers gone Long time ago Where have all the flowers gone Girls have picked them every one When will they every learn? When will they every learn? Pete...

Gary Gold Coaches US Eagles

Gary Gold has replaced John Mitchell as Head Coach of the United States men’s national team. Worcester Warriors announced the release of Gary Gold from his role as Director of Rugby at the club, freeing him to move to the USA.

Dylan Hartley’s Stamping On Vermeulen

My Dad and I had our usual post-test postmortem discussion yesterday evening. He brought up an interesting point...

Professional Rugby As A Career

Back in the era of amateur rugby academic institutions, the military, the police, and the mining industry were the primary routes for promising young rugby players making their way onto the playing fields of the world.

The Poison Chalice

  The Poison Chalice Back in April 2016, in two articles, which you will find in the Archive for 2016, titled “Thoughts 4, Everything’s Broken”, and “Thought 10: The Springbok Coaching Squad”, I had quite a lot to say about the...

Rugby At The Crossroads.

Rugby At The Crossroads. Back in 1986 Columbia Pictures released a movie, Crossroads, that was to become an iconic film of the age, celebrating blues music, while telling the tale of a legendary musician, Robert Johnson, who had sold his...


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