Eddie’s Magic Pants

England rugby coach Eddie Jones will do anything to give his England team the edge. Even if it means the players have to wear hot pants!

I can hear the murmurs of a building earth tremor in the corridors of Headquarters, as some call Twickenham.

“Hot Pants?”

“For a rugby player?”

“Eddie, are you serious?”

Fortunately for all concerned, not least the spectators, the hot pants Eddie has in mind have nothing to do with the super short, super tight, budgie smuggling variety!

These hot pants are heated long trousers that the England substitutes will wear for the first time this weekend. The England players on their reserve bench will wear the trousers to combat the chilly Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh.

The creators of these new-fangled trousers claim that they are designed to act like a Formula One tyre, heating deep into the core of the leg muscles. We are told that the trousers can generate up to 38 degrees Celsius, which is supposed to be the ideal temperature to boost peak muscle performance.

An earlier version was used by the British cycling team during the London Olympics in 2012.

Jones is certainly leaving no stone unturned in his quest to hunt down the All Blacks as the world’s No 1 team, with his beady garden-gnome eye on next year’s World Cup in Japan.

From Hot Pants to drones that track every player’s running lines, from live scrummaging practices against Wales and Georgia, to bringing in soccer coaches and Great Britain’s gold medal winning hockey coach Danny Kerry to help England beat the All Blacks.

A Little Obsessive, Eddie?