I have a question for John Smit….

How come you fired John Plumtree???

Plumtree is set to succeed Northampton-bound Chris Boyd as the Hurricanes head coach.

Plumtree has confirmed that he is negotiating with the Hurricanes to take over the reins from Boyd.

Back in 2016, Plumtree was linked to an assistant coach’s role with the All Blacks, however, the Hurricanes dismissed the reports at the time, saying that they, Boyd, and Plumtree had a succession plan in place and nothing had changed.

Now if Plum has stayed in South Africa, might he be in line for the Bok job as Allister rides off into the sunset?

So, why did you fire him, John?



  1. It seems to me Bill that we in SA are intolerant and too quick to anger and or being judgemental. I said at the time that Smit was not worthy of the appointment. It was said that he would grow and meanwhile be mentored. Who in his right mind appoints a CEO who needs mentoring?
    Whatever Smit’s beef with Plum was, he could point the same finger at himself. As captain of the Sharks, he was an underachiever. Sure he captained the Boks but that was a Jake White thing and also Peter de Villiers did not coach the Boks, he inherited a group of senior players who told him what to do. Perhaps after Brian van Zyl finished his tenure at the Sharks, Smit decided to “sweep clean”. The mysteries of the appointments of Venter and White are shrouded in grey. When Gold moved in, what did his contract say? Even he did not know whether he was DOR or Coach. The Sharks are making a gradual comeback, but the Putt/Muir/Reece-Edwards coaching era followed by the Smit succession from van Zyl did the entire setup no good. I see that du Preez and Teichman seem to be on the same page but the return of Muir is a concern. Remember how long he lasted at The Lions and what happened there and how he and Gold carried on when working for Peter de Villiers.