Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement.

All Sports are governed by Laws. This Blog also has some rules so that we can freely communicate with each other, express our views, agree, contradict and argue or debate in a robust, yet civilised fashion.

The Rules of Engagement are:

1. Whilst all visitors to this site may read the Comment discussion threads, it is necessary to register to post a comment. Anyone may register and comment, and is expected to play by our Rules of Engagement.

2. To register you are required to provide your real name and an email address so we can communicate with you directly if necessary. Your real name and email address will not be published.  Comments will be published under your chosen User Name.

3. This Blog is the domain of Blogmeister Bill aided by some old friends. Readers are encouraged to help.  If something looks wrong, or to report Inappropriate Comments, please contact us via the Contact button.

4. All opinions are valid, if supported by evidence and logic, but so is a robust challenge and argument.

5. Keep it civil. Respect all other members. In rugby parlance, tackle hard but NO high tackles, gouging or personal attacks. If you get a Yellow Card you may be rapped on the knuckles. But if you are Red Carded you will be banished for the match or the season.  Future membership may be blocked to recidivists. Trolls will be deleted.  The Blogmeister Referee’s decision is final.

6. Political opinion is welcome, subject to Rules 4 and 5. This is a sports forum, not a party-political forum, and comments of a purely political nature that have no relevance to sports will be deleted. The Blogmeister’s decision is final.

7. No prejudice. If you don’t understand what this means you are not welcome here. There will be a zero-tolerance approach to any transgression of this rule.

8. No advertising of a business, service, product, or function may be posted without the prior agreement of the Administrators. There will be a zero-tolerance approach to any transgression of this rule.

9. Whilst this site is primarily concerned with Rugby and rugby related issues, The Blogmeister may allow other subject matter may be included from time to time.

10. Privacy is respected. Contact details (Registration name and email address) will not be shared with anyone without the prior approval of both parties. If you want the e-mail address of another member, contact us directly, and we may ask the other member for permission to give you their details. Subject to discretion of Blogmeister.

11. Any link posted in the Comments section should comply with these rules. Inappropriate links may get the poster Red-Carded.

12. The opinions expressed on this Blog do not necessarily represent the views of the Blogmeister or the help.

13. The Blogmeister reserves the right to terminate the subscription or membership of anyone at his sole discretion.