Simply Bizarre! A Red Card?????

Rugby is in danger of being neutered by those who make and apply the laws.

The past weekend saw one of the most bizarre red card decisions in the history of the game, when Sergio Parisse was sent off for an ”elbow to the face” of an opponent during a match between Stade Francais and Perpignan.

The weirdness? Parisse had the ball, the moment after fielding a kickoff, and a kick-chaser ran into him! He braced for the impact, as would any rugby player anywhere in the world, and the chaser clattered into him in an upright position resulting in his head thudding into Parisse’s shoulder.

Somehow the match officials decided that it was an “elbow to the face” despite the video evidence suggesting nothing of the sort.

Whilst we all agree that the dangerous moments in rugby should be minimised, somewhere the sanity should still prevail. This red card is a red flag for those who make and apply the laws – you are killing our game!

Watch the video….